About Pacific Callas
Wholesale supplier of Elephant Ears

The premium Elephant Ears program is a department of Pacific Callas.

Pacific Callas is a dedicated supplier of premium flower bulbs and plants to growers and retail centers across the United States. We got our name because we started off specialized in supplying Calla Lily Bulbs ("Callas"). Visit the Calla Lily website here.

At Pacific Callas we work closely with the world's
best elephant ears growers. Coupled with the knowledge and experience of the Rotteveel family, who have been growing and trading flower bulbs, plants and perennials from out of Holland for four generations, we can ensure our customers the highest quality Elephant Ears combined with personalized and service-oriented expertise.

"Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality plants available on the market. With our efficient, reliable and friendly service, we aim to create positive, long-lasting relationships."

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