Elephant Ears Limeade (colocasia esculenta)
Elephant Ears Limeade  

Elephant Ears Limeade (or Lime Aide) has gorgeous two-toned, marbled leaves of olive green and light lime yellow.

Limeade was originally discovered in the Philippines and has become a rare yet highly sought after variety in the US. This elephant ear plant works equally well in large containers, ponds or landscapes, growing up to 4-6 feet tall. It gives great contrast when paired with darker leaved elephant ears. Limeade prefers sun to partial shade.

Elephant Ear varieties are hardy in zones 7-10 as
perennials and suitable in zones 4-6 as annuals.
They are popular as annuals due to their rapid
growth - colocasia makes a dramatic impact to the
landscape within just one growing season.

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Single Plants: Limeade Elephant Ears
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    We are now offering our elephant ears plants in small quantities. Order just 1 plant or more! Each Limeade plant is 4-16 inches tall and comes in a root ball bag.

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