Elephant Ears Chicago Harlequin (colocasia)
Elephant Ears Chicago Harlequin  

Elephant Ears Chicago Harlequin boasts tall green and cream striped stems and massive leaves marbled with lighter green and darker green blotches.

Chicago Harlequin plants grow up to a sizeable 4-6 feet tall and spread very rapidly via above ground rhizomes. Prefers sun to partial shade.

Elephant Ear varieties are hardy in zones 7-10 as
perennials and suitable in zones 4-6 as annuals.
They are popular as annuals due to their rapid
growth - colocasia makes a dramatic impact to the
landscape within just one growing season.

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Single Plants: Chicago Harlequin Elephant Ears
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1 plant - $16.95 (16.95 per plant)
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5 plants - $74.75 (14.95 per plant)
Over 5 plants - (14.75 per plant)
    We are now offering our elephant ears plants in small quantities. Order just 1 plant or more! Each Chicago Harlequin plant is 4-16" and comes in a root ball bag.
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