Banana Plants - Maurelli Red
Banana Plant Maurelli Red  

Banana plants are right at home in a tropical plant setting. The Maurelli Red variety has the most unique and beautiful dark red under leaves that blend to a green upper leaf, often with red streaks. Stems are a vibrant orange red. Leaves are large and wide (up to 5 feet long) and banana plants are quite tolerant of cold weather. Plants remain green until first frost.

Plant in full sun in a light soil mix containing bark, perlite and peat moss. Be sure that soil temperatures are above 55F for at least one night before planting outside. Soil should be kept damp while the plant is still young. Once leaves start to unfurl, provide lots of water to the soil - banana plants like damp feet! Try mulching to retain as much mosture as possible in the soil. Use an all-purpose, slow-release fertilizer at intial planting and again when leaves are unfurling. Bring indoors to over-winter when night temps drop below 40F.

Plants grow to 4-6 feet depending on light and growing conditions. Perennial in zone 8 and above and annual in colder zones

• Warning: NOT for human consumption!

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